I also accompany bloggers, entrepreneurs to boost their social networking community. My coachings are only done remotely by phone or skype. To find out more click on the link below ...

I also work at brand services to promote their products or services ... I have a great reputation on social networks with more than 47,000 people who follow me.

I work internationally. Click below to find out more ...


My services 

I can accompany you on:

  • Instagram account creation and management of your social networks.

  • Increase your notoriety on Instagram Facebook and Youtube.

  • Internal financial plan coaching to have more profitability and customers

  • Website creation showcase or blog

  • Creating custom Lightroom presets

  • Photo retouch photoshop

  • Help you develop communication or marketing strategies for your business

  • Tools to attract more prospects

  • Create photo / video content * in partnership with my cameraman

  • Creation of flyers, banner, business card

  • Creation of ebook, powerpoint, pdf

  • Business start-up coaching and creative help

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Individuals who worked with me in coaching, photography or as a service provider.

Benefits of my accompaniment

  • You will save time in your content creation

  • be more productive and efficient in your work

  • Have a quality job and an expert point of view to build your reputation

  • Have the tools to start and launch your business

  • Have effective strategies and tools for customer acquisition

  • Have professional photos for your websites, communication support or other

  • Attract to you plenty of customers and income

  • Start a new, successful business quickly

  • Custom quote according to your needs

My coaching is exclusively by Mail, Messenger, Skype or phone.

Example of accompaniment

  • You want to start your business and you do not know where to start to acquire customers.

  • You want to make communication media, flyers, banners, business card, kakemono but you do not have the software to make them.

  • You have just started your business, you start to have a little customer base but you want more and you can not find effective solutions.

  • You want to increase your notoriety on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube but you do not know where to start and especially how to set up an effective strategy.

  • You want to know how to speak in front of a camera or be comfortable in your communication on the Internet.

  • You want to implement customer acquisition strategies for your business but you have no concept in marketing or digital communication.

  • You want to attract more customers and income but you do not know how to do it.

  • You need content to feed your social networks.

  • You need to create a blog or showcase site and tips to feed it effectively and make yourself known.

  • You need professional photo or promotional video of your activity.

  • You need to build a graphic identity of your Instagram account but you do not have the filter that suits you for your photos.

  • You have a photo that you like but you want the retouched and you do not have the software.

Mes coaching sont exclusivement par skype ou téléphone.



You need to promote your product effectively

I propose to collaborate with me, we will put in place the best partnership that suits you!

I work custom is why I prefer that you contact me by mail for all requests for collaboration. I would love to meet your needs.

Your benefits of working with me

You have an audience of over 43,000 on Instagram

A community of 2,000 people on Facebook

Active followers who comment on my publications every day

I can propose you 

  • Promote on my Instagram posts and stories your product or services

  • Make a blog post and mailing list to my network

  • Make a promotional video of your product

  • Make professional photos of your product

  • Make an interview

  • Promote your product on Facebook and Youtube

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